A Swing For Life

"A wonderful piece of golf writing...
Essential for all golfers."
Golf World

Nick Faldo Driving

More than 250 full-color photographs, and 15 embedded videos, will have you ready for tournament play.

In this extensive book, Sir Nick Faldo shares a lifetime of lessons that made him a World No.1 champion... and can dramatically improve your game.

Nick Faldo is considered one of the world's most complete golfers. For years he analyzed his game in search of the perfect swing – a swing that resulted in 6 Major Championships and a World No. 1 ranking. Now, in this fully updated and revised version of a golf classic, he shares the ultimate collection of lessons, swing thoughts, observations and discoveries that distinguished his winning game... and can transform yours.

A master class in golf fundamentals from one of the game’s most prolific winners.

Here are just some of the essentials in Nick Faldo’s 288-page bestseller:

  • The key to a flowing, repeatable swing that can be applied to every club in your bag
  • The importance of timing and tempo, featuring drills that will help you match Sir Nick’s winning trademark rhythm
  • Comprehensive lessons on driving strategy, short-game technique, bunker play, and the art of putting
  • How to visualize your shots and “work the ball” under pressure
  • More than 250 superb photographs demonstrating his techniques
  • 26 original instructional videos downloadable from the book, covering every aspect of the game

If you’re determined to develop a stronger, smarter game, with a mastery of shot-making fundamentals, Sir Nick Faldo’s bestselling book will inspire you to develop your own “swing for life.”

“The thing I always loved about Nick Faldo's swing was his tempo and balance. I also admire his strategic approach to the game. Nick taught me to take the shot you know you can make, not the one you hope to."

Rory McIlroy