Zach Bauchou shares his Austrian Open experience

18 June 2015

Although personally I felt my play was bad for the week at the Lyoness Open, I learned a lot and had a good time experiencing Austria.  Here is a small outline of what I got up to for my week on the European Tour.


My father and I relaxed first thing after arriving early in the morning to the hotel.  In the afternoon we went to the course, Diamond CC, to work on my short game and hit a small bucket of balls to get over the travel.  Not many players were there that day so it was pretty relaxed. In the evening we stayed and had dinner at the club, this was my first time eating Austrian food!


I got to the course around 10am, still pretty tired from the travel but I forced myself to get out of bed to get over the jet lag.  I played a practice round with a German, Moritz Lampert, he was such a nice guy and I really enjoyed our practice round together. 


With the Pro-Am, I was not able play the course so I spent most of the day at the course working on my short game; the course had a an excellent putting and chipping area so it was good to use those to help me prepare for the tournament.


The first round, my tee time was at 12.20 with playing partners Victor Riu and Sihwan Kim.  I had most of the morning to relax so I arrived to the course around 10.30 where I ate a small lunch before I went to warm up for my round.  Unfortunately it was a disappointing round as to what I had hoped for; it was an early night before an early start on Friday.


With my early morning tee time at 7.30 I was up at the crack of dawn.  I was the first one on the driving range which felt pretty cool considering most of the guys playing at the event do it for a living.  My game was still not very good, I was struggling to find fairways off the tee but I played slightly better than the first day.


The only consolation of missing the cut was that I got to travel around Austria a bit and see what the country is really like.  My father and I spent Saturday touring the city of Vienna and to see all the history there was awesome.

I would like to thank to Sir Nick, the Faldo Series and the European Tour for this is something I will never forget.