Internationally renowned Kyoku Corp launches Faldo ProCare

1 March 2012

Personal care product range inspired and developed by the Major Champion

Kyoku, the internationally renowned cosmetic and Skincare Company will launch a product line inspired by the golfer and the sportsman, Sir Nick Faldo. Faldo ProCare, a range of personal care products, developed in collaboration with the six-time major champion, will be available to consumers from March 2012.

The Faldo ProCare range, which is built around products that fight UV damage, will include an SPF sun screen, SPF lip balm, repairing hand cream, anti-fungal foot spray, insect repellant and muscle pain relief cream, all designed with golfers and sportsmen in mind.

The products will be available in a full-collection all-in-one carrying case with the Faldo name, which easily clips to a golf or equipment bag. In addition to being available through national retail outlets, products will be available at

“Sir Nick Faldo is a global icon in sports and is recognized as a pioneer among golfers in focusing on health, fitness and skin care,” said Livio Bisterzo, Chief Operating Officer Kyoku Corporation.

“We have built this line specifically with Nick Faldo in mind. As a broadcaster, businessman, sportsman and champion, Sir Nick models the skin care needs for men in life and sports.”

“After using Kyoku for Men’s products, I was interested in the possibility of creating a line which would make skin care and sun protection easy,” said Faldo. “This range and all in one packaging makes sense for sportsman and others. It’s all there to protect you from a day in and out of the sun.”