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Melissa Reid on keeping fit and healthy for golf

28 May 2012

As part of the LET’s ‘Healthy May’ campaign, European Solheim Cup team member Melissa Reid answers our health and fitness questionnaire.

Describe how your exercise program benefits you and your golf game.  

I do a lot of power-work which benefits my golf because it basically means I have a lot of control in my swing without having to jump out of my boots.

Describe when and why you started exercising for golf. 

Probably when I was about 16, I have had a Personal Trainer from that age. Sport has always been important to me growing up even before I started gym work – tennis, football, any type of sport so I have always been into fitness.

Describe how your pre-season exercise program is different to your in-season exercise program. For example, do you focus on different aspects of fitness? Are your goals different?  

I hit the gym harder 5/6 sessions per week in winter, 3 in the on-season. I don’t do any specifics differently, just the volume changes.

Describe your warm-up program. 

I do a lot of stretching, dynamic stretching because of my body-type. I do a little bit of yoga but I don’t focus on it.

If you haven’t already included this information, describe whether you use specific exercise tools or equipment when exercising.

It’s a lot of body weight work, I do use weights but mostly it is body-weight.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

I do it because I enjoy it; I always feel better when I do it. I feel the benefits and remind myself of that.

What is the least enjoyable thing about your exercise program?

To be honest I find it enjoyable 99% of the time.

How do you manage to maintain a fitness program when you are touring?

I converted my garage into a gym so I train at home, and see my trainer every three months for re-assessment, but generally I train on my own. On tour, I train with the girls a bit, especially with Vikki Laing who is a bit of a gym junkie. I’m in constant contact with my trainer, and her trainer and coach work closely together also.

Which components of fitness (e.g. muscle strength, balance, muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, power) do you think are most important for playing golf?

Flexibility, control and speed. Cardio isn’t as important I don’t think although when my new dog gets older I will run more with him a few times a week. I enjoy running, especially in sports.

Describe how important maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is for you and your golf game.

I like food, and with my body type I have to be careful as I lose weight quickly. So, I am careful with what I eat, especially with the training I do now where I burn a lot of calories. I don’t eat rubbish food, but if I want a bar of chocolate I will have it. I eat a lot of protein and minimise carbohydrates at night, although sometimes you need those comfort foods also.

How do you manage to maintain a healthy diet when you are touring?

It is quite difficult, especially with all the different cultures. I find China difficult as it is not my favourite type of food. Luckily one of my sponsors is Maximuscle, so I take protein shakes with me when I travel, and I take protein bars for the course. I would eat one banana on course, and a protein bar for slow-releasing energy.

What tips would you give golfers who really dislike exercising or to those golfers who say that exercise is only for elite golfers?

I think it is down to the individual, I am a big believer in being generally healthy from a lifestyle type of view. I would always be healthy even I was not a golfer: it is a priority for me. I think it does give you an edge at an elite level, but at a standard amateur level I don’t think it makes the same difference. When you get to the top you try to get any type of edge.



Content courtesy of the Ladies European Tour